Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I book an experience with Supreme Adventure Sports?
Booking with SAS is really easy. If you have a particular day in mind, fill in our Contact Form and find out if the day is available. We will then give you a reference code which you must enter when paying for your experience through the website.

2. I have a voucher, how do I redeem it?
Simply fill in the Contact Form, stating which experience you wish to redeem and on which date. We will get back to you as soon as possible with information about your booking.

3. Where are you based and how do I get to you?
We have several large sites, all based in County Durham and all within 30 mins of the city centre. When you have made your booking and confirmed it, we will send out a detailed map and directions to the specific site, either by post or email depending on what is easier for you.

4. When can I book an activity for?
Our experiences are available all year round, apart from Quad Biking, which is only available from February 14th until September 30th. You can book events from 10am until 6pm.

4x4 Driving

1. Can I use my own vehicle?
No, you cannot use your own vehicle unless specially arranged.

2. Will I have to share the vehicle with other drivers?
Yes you will have to share with another driver/s. But exclusive sessions can be arranged. Please check on booking.

3. What is the maximum number of people in a vehicle?
Four is the maximum number of people in one vehicle. Larger parties can be accommodated in additional vehicles.

4. Do I need a driving licence?
Yes, you must have a full valid UK driving licence.

5. What should I wear?
Dress as you would for a walk in the country.

6. Does the weather effect the running of the event?
An event will only be cancelled if conditions are considered dangerous.

7. Do I need a driving licence to go on a 4x4 driving experience?
Even though experiences take place on private, off-road land, many schools do ask that you have a driving licence. In most cases you’ll also need to be capable of driving a standard vehicle with manual transmission, but some venues can offer sessions in automatic vehicles, so check with each location or give us a call to check

8. Are there any medical restrictions for 4x4 driving?
Yes. As you’ll be driving over uneven ground you will get jostled about in the car. Therefore, if you’ve had surgery within the last 12 months, have back or neck problems, it is advisable not go for 4x4 driving.

9. I’ve never driven off road before. Will I be able to do it?
Yes, This is a common thing a lot of guests say when they arrive on the day! With highly experienced and highly qualified BORDA (British Off Road Driving Association) instructors in the cars with you at all times, you will be taught how to off road drive. It might be different to how you drive day to day, but you’ll soon get the hang of it and you’ll soon be tackling some pretty serious obstacles.

10. What sort of terrain will I be tackling on my 4x4 experience?
Each venue varies. Some are in former quarries, some are in woodlands, others are man-made obstacle courses and there are locations that make the most of the natural features of the terrain. Often there are training paddocks where you can get used to driving the car and many locations have circuits of varying degrees of difficulty that you progress through as confidence builds.


1. What do I need?
Nothing. We supply all equipment necessary including guns, eye & ear protection, ammunition and clay targets.

2. What are clay targets made from?
Most clays are made from a mixture of chalk or fine sand & bitumen.

3. How fast does a clay travel?
This varies depending on how the traps (throwing machines) are set, but on average, about 45mph.

4. What score can I expect to shoot on my first outing?
Most novices will shoot well in excess of 50% of the targets on their first shoot.

5. What guns are used?
We have 12 gauge & 20 gauge shotguns. We also carry suppressed and silenced shotguns for sites which are sensitive to noise and make for more comfortable shooting.